Monday, January 31, 2005

Monday Morning Report on Monday Mornings

Monday mornings are an act of cruelty. Ok, maybe that is an overstatement. Everything feels overstated on a Monday. I woke up to my alarm but must have dozed off. Luckily my cat made an unusually stinky deposit in her litter which woke me up. I had only slept for 5 minutes. Thank you stinky kitty!
I race to get ready as I have a bus to catch. A bus that waits for no one whether it is early or on time.
I have to feed the cat. Done. Where did I put my eye glasses? Searching ensues. Found. Oh no, I left my hat at my parent's house. I know I have one somewhere in here. Located. Race out the door. Lock the door. Look at my feet. I've put on my running shoes instead of my work shoes. What is wrong with me?
I run wheezing and out of breath to the bus stop. My scarf is unwinding itself. Somehow, nothing short of a miracle, I make it in time for the bus. I get a good seat. Or so I think. When I stand up later I realize some evil being has deposited their gum on it. Why do people do this?
I'm now at my office. Something is making a horrible buzzing noise. It could possibly drive me insane. I've made a request to have it looked at. Next September is looking good. If they can fit it in. Again, an overstatement on my part.

And that my friends, is a Monday Morning.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

This is the title page for my "book of me" scrapbook. Stay tuned for more layouts from the life of Me. Posted by Hello

Old Man and the Potato Peeler

I was shopping for a present today in The Bay. An old man was carefully choosing the right potato peeler. For some reason, I found the whole scene rather endearing. A salesgirl (I say girl because she was a girl) came over to help him but he seemed to have found what he was looking for. She offered another style but he claimed the one he chose would be better suited for him as he is the potato peeler in his household. Again, I found him endearing. He asked how much it was. She said $10. He began fretting as he had brought that much with him. In a resigned but kindly way he said had come all this way for nothing. The sales girl just stood there as she had no cheaper potato peelers to offer. I decided I could spare a couple dollars to cover the taxes when I remembered the 20% off sign I had seen above the wares. I said to the sales girl "isn't that 20% off"? She agreed that it was and apologized for not noticing as the sale had just started today. She went off to check the price and found that he could indeed purchase the peeler. He was a happy man and went off on his way. I later saw him getting off of my bus. I hadn't noticed that we got on together.

It's funny how strangers can sometimes pull your heart strings for no particular reason. It is these rare moments that make me happy to be a part of life. I wish I had them more.

Blog Blog Blog

I just like the sound of that word. Blog. Makes me feel like a frog. Or some kind of aquatic creature. Now the idea of blogging is nothing new, but is the name? I've only become familiar with the word "blog" in the last year or so.
I've been distressed by my lack of writing over the past few years. I experience things that I'd like to remember but I end up telling them to my family & friends over the phone or on an email. I don't touch my diary anymore. Maybe blogging is the answer. Let's find out!
So, I'll make an entry whenever I have something to share. Nothing more. Nothing less. Maybe I'll talk about a dream I had, a book I read, or a hope I'd like to realize.
If you're wondering about why I chose "Tapping the dream tree" as the name for my blog journal it is really quite simple. It comes from the title of a Charles DeLint book. He's my favourite author. Check him out! Anyone who can come up with some catchy title like that deserves to be read, dontcha think? I like the idea of dreams being some tangible substance that flows through living beings.

Cya on the flip side! Ok, that doesn't really apply to anything but I've always wanted to say that.