Wednesday, April 27, 2005

At One with Nature

I'm not a religious person. However, I do believe that humans have a limited scope of the universe's reality. Therefore, I do believe in a power larger than myself. A power larger than anything my little brain can comprehend.

I am selfish enough to think that sometimes there are little signs in daily life that are meant just for me.

Today, I think I needed to see the "bigger" picture and so the universe showed me some of its highlights. I got off the bus and began the walk up the hill towards my workplace. A healthy looking robin greeted me from his branch on the tree to my left. Ahead on top of a short street lamp a very plump hawk was perched. How rare of a morning greeting is that? How auspicious! I slowed down to admire the presence and beauty of such a creature. I don't recall ever being so close to a live hawk before. I slowly crept closer and she flew to the grassy lawn on the right. I was lucky enough to see her full wing span. Again I got closer and she flew to 2 more locations before flying back to her trees. In the field towards her home I saw a groundhog frolicing around. I love groundhogs. Especially when they're warm and fuzzy.

Thanks universe for letting me see some of your beauty!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Going Uphill

I'm leery, I'm weary, get used to it!

I made it in to work this morning despite my feeling icky...very very icky. Definitely sick day material. But I don't want to take a sick day! I have deadlines. I have duties. I have my pride. So, here I am... cottonbrained and bleary-eyed, slumped at my desk and ready to face the day. I took my vitamin B. I've prepared my Maple tea. I've sorted through my emails. 2 hours until Tuesday coffee time. Free donut, free bagel, free muffin...take your pick!

I'm so proud of myself for dragging my sorry butt in to work today. You really have no idea! The good news is that I had one of those mornings where the minutes on my alarm clock moved slowly like molasses. I hate and dread the mornings where I hit my snooze button and in a blink of an eye 20 minutes can pass. Once in a while the Universe's Divine Will blesses me with the elongation of time and I get to laze in its sweet splendour.

Now I must format a manuscript and edit a PowerPoint presentation. Reality does indeed bite.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Falling All Over The Place

It has happened again. I fell while running to catch the bus. This time it happened on the sidewalk on the hill outside my building. I was just slightly ahead of a half dozen or so students. I made a very nice demonstration of how to fall in an embarrassing manner. The contents of my bag scattered. My body was splayed out across the cement. I could feel the shock of my fall in the people behind me. I could envision their reactions... surprise, open mouths, concern, and even amusement. A kind girl asked if I was alright. I replied "oh yeah, I'm fine. This happens to me a lot". She looked confused. Ha! I rubbed my ankle and then started to get up. I began to gather the scattered items. A boy coming up the hill saw me and asked if I was alright. Again I said I was. This time I left out the part about the frequency of my falls.

I continued on my way down the hill. My only really nice pair of shoes were scuffed, and my pants had a large scuff mark. Hopefully it is just cement dust and will come out in the wash.
Both my palms were scratched. Both ankles are sore and slightly twisted. My whole right side hurts from foot to shoulder.

I get to the bus stop (I blame the bus for all of these falls... I can never tell if the bus will be five minutes early or five minutes late so I rush just in case. This has got to stop!). I wait for my friend to meet me as we're riding home together. She arrives and I relay the story to her. She laughs. I tell a funny story. I should be a comedian. I told her that I wasn't even embarrassed about falling because it happens so often. Infact, my lack of embarrassment is embarrassing. I'm pathetic. She later tells me that a guy at the bus stop was totally amused by my story. She said while he was on the bus he would people watch and whenever he got to me he would get a small smile on his face as if remembering my story. I also suspect he was behind me on the hill when I fell.

So, what did I learn from this experience? First, buses suck. Second, never run. Third, I need to wear a helmet. Fourth, I can make a difference in others' lives. I amused that guy at the bus stop, didn't I?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

In Highschool and at Shawn's Wedding Posted by Hello

Shawn Still Hearts My Scarf

What a pleasant surprise!

Every morning I connect to one of three buses going past my workplace. On this particular morning I make my connection to the University bus. I sit my disheveled self down on a seat behind the driver. I'm feeling grumpy and unbeautiful as I had run out of the door with wet hair and no makeup (I usually curl my hair at work which takes all of 2 minutes. The makeup I apply at the bus stop and today there was no time...Yes, I'm total high maintenance hahahaha). I notice a guy across from me. He looks remarkably similar to a high school friend I once knew. Infact, just over a year ago I attended his wedding. His baseball cap is blocking a clear view of his face so I decide to move across the aisle to sit next to him. And so I do...

Indeed, it was him. I stared him straight on. He looked up. I smiled. He recognized. We caught up on the going ons in our lives. His wife is expecting!!!! How exciting!!!! I'm very happy for him!
We realized we work on the same campus! Who knew? I didn't.

We exchanged phone numbers. I told him my last name was still the same... for now. I wish I had taken the time to look at what he had written before I put the paper away. I didn't read it until I got into my office. It said "Shawn (he heart's your scarf!)" beside his phone number. There was a drawing of a heart rather than the word. That made me smile. You see, when I was in high school I had a mad crush on this fine friend. He was the sensitive, tortured, left-handed drummer poet boy. He would leave the province for months or years at a time. When I went off to college, he was away in British Columbia. We would exchange letters from time to time. Infact, I do believe he called me after my first day of school. An auspicious day as that was also the day I met my best friend, Jessica and my ex-boyfriend, Mike. A couple months into the college year (and greatly into the pining for Shawn) I sent a letter with a photocopy of a photo taken of me in photography class. I was wearing a scarf that I knitted in my last year of high school. I was quite fond of saying that I hearted my scarf. Which is not a fallacy as I do indeed have great love for this scarf! To be completely honest, I do look particularly attractive in this photo (I will try to remember to upload a copy of the photo to here). I think on the photo copy I had written "I heart my scarf".
Sadly (at the time), the story from my youth had a somewhat unhappy ending. Shawn was just not that into me. I didn't float his boat. I didn't make his heart go a-flutter. He did visit me once the following fall. Then we lost track until his wedding last year (I attended as a guest of his friend). Oh, and I saw him once or twice at the store where I was working at the time. And of course, we had to have a hug as that was our high school specialty!

And so I am pleased that I saw Shawn today and that he remembered how much I heart my scarf! He is a fine fine soul! :)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

It’s a Sunshine Day!

All is well in the world. Love. Life. Sun. Food. Drink. Health.

I bought a California Mix salad (Mixed greens topped with trail mix, shredded carrot, cheddar cheese,garnished with mandarin oranges and served with our kiwi-mandarin orange dressing), a beverage (non-alcoholic…I’m working…geez!) and found a sunny spot on the grass near my building. While I ate, I read Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”. It’s a very appropriate book to read at this point in my life. Well, maybe it is always appropriate…whatever!
Now I’m back from lunch and there is work to be done. Later Aligator!