Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Back in the Saddle Again

Sorry for my disappearing act! Life happens.
I meant to blog an event that took place at the end of June. A movie was being filmed here on campus. Some flick about a military scandal at West Point in the 50s. Fascinating stuff I'm sure. Actually, I'll probably watch it. But mostly so I can see places I recognize. Like the spot where they moved my favourite bench. I had to eat lunch somewhere else while they filmed and then the bench was never returned to the same spot. I need my shade, people!!!
The reason I felt the story was blogworthy is this. I didn't know a movie was being filmed. I arrived to work as usual one morning. I saw police tape and military vehicles. I wondered what could have happened. Then later I noticed that the flag on one of the main buildings had an American flag. Did the US really think that Ontario would become the next state? Had the process already begun? Were we under siege? OH MY GOD!
Of course it was shortly after that I realized it was just a movie. "Codebreakers" is the working title. Don't miss it.

Ok, I need to blog about my trip to Nova Scotia. So much to say. Unfortunately, I'm lazy and tired so it will have to wait. Hopefully I remember the details for yet another day.