Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Return of the Blog

Here I am again. Did you miss me? I hear nothing. Whatever.

As some of you may know, my summer had its ups and downs. I never did blog about my trip to Nova Scotia. (Can I just say now that I LOVE my Jessica!!!!!!? She ROCKS! She is my sunshine.)
There were helicopters. Wine was imbibed. Sailors were had....er, wait, that's not it. Um, the Peggy's Cove post office is possessed by demons. Um, I didn't see Alex Colville and I'm still upset. I got clothes, clothes, and a few more clothes. I had GREAT yummy dishes. I had wonderful company! And I can't wait to go back!!!!!!

Let's see...the rest of the summer.... stuff happened. Shoganai.

Late summer...I giggled one day and realized my feelings hadn't changed at all. I had just let them get off the radar for awhile.

Then I turned 31. It was splendiferous!

Men confuse me but luckily I welcome the challenge. Bring it on, baby! BRING IT ON! ha!

Seriously, DID I miss the seminar that explained Men and their behaviours? Because I AM TRULY baffled. Sigh...

Butterflies. Blushing and a little HAzuKAshii! SUGOI NE!

That wasn't vague was it?


Anonymous said...

So what else is new? How was Nova Scotia?

Anonymous said...

Men aren't that confusing. Boys are.