Thursday, May 18, 2006

Chloe Rocks!

This is my kitty watching Amazing Race from my childhood rocking chair. She is enthralled.

I have fond memories of sitting in this chair. I had a garishly bright yellow room at the time. I think the colour traumatized me. I really do. I liked to read my favourite book in this chair. It was one of those "first picture book" dictionaries. It had a blue and white checkered pattern on the cover. There was a puppy hidden on some of the pages. I would count the number of times I found him. More importantly, I loved the quality of the watercoloured illustrations. My favourite pages had colour mixing on them. I'll never forget how to make purple. I think my Grandparents gave me both the book and the chair. I could be wrong though.

I wonder what Chloe thinks about when she rocks in my chair. I worry about her. Last night I noticed she is missing a toe nail. Ouch! I hope she is okay.

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